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Liquid filling machines


Liquid filling machines

  • Fully automated
  • for light, medium and high liquid densities, Number of heads:  1-12 head, Productivity of 400-5000 bottle /hr.Packing size:100-2000 gr. for food materials and for chemicals, 300-5000 g for industrial lubricants
    • In-Line filling machines: Suitable for all forms of packaging and packing sizes.
    • Stepped filling machines: Suitable for high production and some specific types of cans.
    • Circular filling machines: Suitable for milk, medicines and other specific types of cans.
  • Semi-automatic
  • for light, medium and high density\concentration. Number of heads: one or two. Production rate: 700-1500 bottles/hr.
    • Volumetric: The packing size is only 100-2500 gr
    • Weight-based: packing size of 1-200 kg
    • Time-based: packing size of 100-50000 gr


for light, medium and high densities


for light, medium and high density / concentration