Meticulous filling... tight closing

What do we do?

We provide integrated solutions for the industry of liquid filling, from production line till sealing and packaging.


Manger’s speech

We would like to seize the opportunity here to thank our esteemed clients for believing in us and in our products. We draw our inspiration and energy through them and assure them that our team is always working to offer the best. We strive to maintain this trust and we also promise that we will help them to gain more by investing with us.

I would like to thank my team for their devotion, dedication and seriousness in the work they have always mastered and sought to develop day after day. Without those team members, this work wouldn’t have been successful for nearly 20 years.

As always, we are committed to implementing quality standards, safety standards, health standards, and environmental standards by following the steps of pioneers of liquid filling in the international market. We will do our best to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques, and enhance our chances of competing and achieving our vision in securing the need of the Arab regional market according to international standards.

Amal was just a small seed planted in a small maintenance workshop with very simple tools and great ambitions then grew up when we started this business nearly two decades ago. We knew very well that honesty, sincerity, constant follow-up of customers and accuracy in implementation and continuous development are qualities that must lead us to a very good situation in the future.

Therefore, the Amal team and I, with our different fields and specialties, decided to do our best to apply all these values in our daily work, to win customers’ satisfaction and confidence by taking care of the reputation of our brand Amal through accuracy and ongoing development.

We are looking forward to improving our performance, developing our techniques, and expanding the business to meet the competitive needs of the global market through clear strategies that will help us grow faster in the future. Just as I was on the first day of this work, I am very keen to see further innovation and development on this journey of achievement with each and every member of our team and I am confident that the best is yet to come


About AMAL

Since its establishment in 2000, Amal Company has been working on finding innovative and effective solutions for liquid production and packaging. Continuously, we are working on developing our tools and methods to provide unique and distinctive services to both local and regional markets in the Middle East and North Africa.

Amal has always been striving to be a leader in this field in order to be able to compete with international market leaders and gain the trust of clients in order to meet the needs of the emerging and modern companies in the MENA region of machines of various high quality guaranteed products to provide them to regional establishments with the best prices and the best quality.

From the first day of founding this work, our ambitions did not have limits. We started with the simplest manual services in a maintenance workshop. Then we moved to simple manual manufacturing and from it to semiautomatic and automatic manufacturing. We were able to manufacture more than two thousand different machines that succeeded to meet all the diverse needs. We will keep going with our effective solution for liquid filling and packaging in the Middle East and North Africa and reach higher levels of achievements.

During this period, we were able to reach dozens of clients in several countries including Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Arab Gulf countries, Africa, etc… through the bridges of trust we have built and through the limitless efforts of our sincere amazing experienced team to reach the best quality that helped us outstand.


Our vision

To achieve regional self-sufficiency by meeting the needs of the industrial market of liquid filling.

Our mission

Developing innovative solutions for the industry of liquid filling, offering reliable services and competitive prices that meet the needs in the market of filing (food, chemicals, and vet. & agricultural medications) in the MENA region.

Core values

Honesty, diligent follow-up & development.


Our Team

Amal Team is a harmonious group of highly qualified experts, with a variety of qualifications, who aim to provide the best quality of service to partners and clients and to the place they work in. They believe that the training they receive before and when they join the business are just small steps in the process of gaining experience and development. Everyone has always had a key role in enriching this work and bringing it to its current successful situation.


clients around the world

always progressing, always looking forwards.