What do we do?

We provide integrated solutions for the industry of liquid filling, from production line till sealing and packaging.

Pre-sales consultations

Maintenance and rehabilitation of depreciated machines

Project analysis

Project implementation

Installation and training

Periodical and emergency maintenance

Shipping and handling

Our values

Honesty, diligent follow-up & development.

Why us?

Twenty years of experience in the industry of liquid filling. high quality services and commitment. We also follow up the shipping and offer after-sales services to ensure your satisfaction.

Where do we work?

The Middle East and Africa

Industries we serve

We provide services for the following industries.

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Product models
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Exported countries
what are we offering?

A diversity of liquids

We offer solutions for a diversity of liquids filling with different types and densities such as:

Diary products: milk, Ayran yoghurt, flavored milk powder, labneh, liquid cheese, fat cheese and others

Conserves: Tomato Paste, Tomato Paste, Ketchup, Jam, jam cutlets, Desserts, Tahina, Halva, molasses etc.

Liquid detergent: hand washing liquid, liquid soap, shower liquid, glass polisher, floor sterilizer, all kinds of gel, cream of various types, chlorine and others

Agricultural and veterinary medicines: liquid vegetable pesticides, liquid medical syrups, liquid medical drugs and others

Organic solvents and sensitive chemicals: Thinner, petroleum, Acetone, paints and others


Manufacturing about 2000 machines